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What is Omnicard Systems?

Omnicard Systems is an integrated software that allows an establishment to manage customer information, add or deduct stored value and loyalty reward points, all in one system.  Omnicard is a step beyond a regular database and a typical discount card.  It drastically improves customer experience and enables establishments to earn customers' valuable loyalty by simply keeping in touch.






Existing Omnicard Clients:






What are Omnicard's salient features?


  • Manage customer database

  • Submit card printing requests in real time

  • Query customer database by name, cellphone number, age, birthday, sex, date of membership or city

  • Toggle on and off automatic birthday greetings by SMS

  • Append a customized message to SMS birthday greetings to customers

  • Broadcast an advertisement message via SMS to all customers with filter options (e.g. send a customized invitation message to customers whose last visit was more than 30 days ago from the current date)

  • Establishment has the option to pre-load any gift card, individually or several cards at a time

  • Debit / Credit and manage stored values (PHP) on individual cards (Gift Card)

  • Debit / Credit and manage loyalty points on individual cards

  • Electronically dispense Globe, Smart, and Sun pre-paid load and generate revenues from load sales

  • Detailed logs of all transactions stored for 24 months

Barcode Reader & Cards

  • Swipe-type barcode reader that connects to the keyboard port on a standard PC

  • Double sided printing on cards with unique barcodes on every card that identifies each customer

  • Customizable full margin photo image on the front of the card, customer info (e.g. name, date card issued) on back of card along with barcode

  • Automatic delivery of new cards within 7 days from online submission of request using the Omnicard Software

  • The number of cards the system can accommodate is unlimited

World Class Data Centers

  • The Omnicard Webtool communicates with and stores data at our World Class Data Centers which are operated by the leading Telecom companies: Globe Telecom and PLDT

  • SMS broadcasts are sent from these facilities, where the safety and the security of your data are guaranteed


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